About Milepelen Hotell & Vertshus

A hotel and inn, in the heart of Nord-Odal. The motel has been expanded to become a hotel, with 26 rooms, a new meeting room and a redecorated lounge area.

Milepelen have from 1988 and throughout the years had different owners. In 2001 the sanitary union took over the operations of the building, with Tove Gulbrandsen as head of the board and Rita Nesset as manager.

Why Milepelen?

The well known author Sigurd Hoel was born in 1890 and grew up in Nord-Odal, at Sagstua. In 1947 he wrote one of his major works: “Møte ved Milepelen” (“Meeting by milestone”). This title was also appropriate for our building, which is ment to be the meeting point for people of all ages and different life events.

An application was sent to Sigurd Hoels relatives in Denmark, asking for permission to use his self portrait as a logo. 

Our values

When visiting Milepelen Hotell & Vertshus we wish to give a homely feeling and a good atmosphere, which allows you to relax.

With us you will always be met with kindness and good service, because the most important thing for us is that our guest enjoy their stay.

We place great emphasis on good food, made from scratch. Our believes are that fresh foods from great quality is very important to create the best result.

Do you want to order food home?

Call us to order on tel. 629 70 130
or send us an email.